Caliper Boy
“gripping…inspired passages…”


A violin brushes past you. A guitar strums against your back. A trumpet sounds above your head. A loop machine distorts what you’ve just heard then plays it back to you... Performers twist and tumble through Caliper Boy’s whirlwind, life-long search for the answer to the question “Why aren’t I like the other children mother?”.

Created through devising in a variety of disused buildings, Caliper Boy is an immersive and visceral theatrical experience; alive with the tension of a fraught urban landscape.

Calliper Boy premiered at Camden People’s Theatre.

Touring performances included:

  • Latitude Festival
  • Dublin Fringe Festival
  • People Show Studios, London
  1. Created by: Daphna Attias, Terry O’Donovan, Anthea Neagle & Clare Parke-Davies
  2. Directed by: Daphna Attias
  3. Writing by: Anthea Neagle
  4. Design by: Michelle Reader
  5. Original Music by: Yaniv Fridel & Left With Pictures
  6. Performed by: Terry O’Donovan, Yaniv Fridel, Stuart Barter, Toby Knowles/Tom The Fox, Pia Nordin/Sarah Sproull

The Irish Times

“gripping…inspired passages…”
Time Out London

Developed with the support of Camden People’s Theatre. Funded by Arts Council England & Royal Victoria Hall Foundation.

Arts Council England


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