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a beautiful dance of love, death and grief delivered via a single live performer (the phenomenal Terry O’Donovan), headphones and mobile phones.”
- The Independent, Lyn Gardner

There is immersive theater, and then there is theater so immersive that re-entering the world afterward comes as a shock, because you did not realize it had taken you so deep into another reality.
- The New York Times

“A raw and magnetic performance... a gorgeous show about grief in the era of hyper connectivity."
- TimeOut

What happens to your digital life after your death? If there was a magic button, would you choose to delete your online history?

USER NOT FOUND is about our digital identities after we die. You enter a café and receive a set of headphones and a smartphone. Several tables away, a man is grappling in real time with something deeply private. Gradually, you bear digital witness via smartphone and an intimate, funny live performance to a stranger’s profound experience.

This site-specific play immerses you in both the private and public, provoking surprising considerations of our online afterlife and shifting notions of connection and community. 

User Not Found premiered to critical acclaim as part of Traverse Theatre's 2018 Edinburgh Fringe programme. It has toured to over twenty cafes across five countries in conjunction with world-class arts organisations such as Brooklyn Academy of Music, Print Screen Festival, Israel and Battersea Arts Centre.

We have published the playscript of User Not Found, which includes imagery from Marmelo's app design. We're really proud of it - and you can buy a copy directly from the brilliant publishers Bloomsbury as part of the Oberon Modern Classics Collection.

The digitial designers at Marmelo have built a captioning tool within the smarthpones to embed captions for the performance. Collaborating with our Access Associate Sophie Gunn, every performance is accessible to D/deaf and hard-of-hearing audience members. If you're interested in hearing more about how Luke and Abhinav at Marmelo collaborated with us, and how they built the app you can watch a video with them here.

Read more about the academic collaboration which helped create this production here.

User Not Found is the recipient of In Good Company's mid-career artist commission and was developed with the support of artsdepot's Creative Residencies, Southbank Centre, University of Reading, South Street, The New Wolsey Theatre, Roundhouse London & Stone Nest.

The London run is presented in partnership with Nine Elms on the South Bank, in association with Battersea Arts Centre.

The project is funded by IMAF, AHRC, Cockayne - Grants for the Arts & The London Community Foundation, The Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Fund & Arts Council England.

Stone Nest Arts Council England