Skin Hunger


Dante or Die’s brand new performance installation invites you to take sanctuary in a hidden chapel in London’s West End. Skin Hunger will be performed in 2021 with dates to be confirmed.
Skin Hunger interrogates the power of touch - an aspect of humanity that so many of us didn’t realise we vitally needed until it was restricted. Three performers swathed in plastic, three intimate, one-on-one experiences, directed by Daphna Attias. Pioneering writers Ann Akin, Tim Crouch and Sonia Hughes have created compelling monologues, that explore the fundamental role that touch plays within our lives. Skin Hunger promises a powerful live theatre experience and a unique moment of reflection and intimacy, whilst so many are starved of touch.

This is an individual experience, in line with the latest Government guidance for London. See full Audience Experience FAQs here, for Covid-19 precautions, access info & full details. 

  1. Created by Daphna Attias & Terry O'Donovan
  2. Written by Ann Akin, Tim Crouch & Sonia Hughes
  3. Directed by Daphna Attias
  4. Design by Khadija Raza
  5. Music & Sound Design by Yaniv Fridel & Ofer OJ Shabi
  6. Lighting Design by Richard Williamson 
  7. Movement Direction by Ayse Tashkiran
  8. Produced by Sophie Ignatieff
  9. Stage Management by Jenefer Tait

Cast: Michael Elcock, Tanya Loretta-Dee & Terry O'Donovan
Understudy: Fiona Watson

Skin Hunger is presented in partnership with Stone Nest and is funded by Arts Council England.

Skin Hunger will be an installation within social distancing guidelines, exploring the power of touch and intimacy. It is based on the neurological phenomenon of skin hunger; our biological need for human touch. The project is inspired by the pictures we saw during the pandemic, of hug tunnels in Brazilian care homes, created to allow residents to embrace their loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic. The tunnel is made of a large plastic sheet with four arm holes and covers one of the facility’s entrances.

We are partnering with Stone Nest, to run the installation in their disused Welsh Chapel in Central London. Small numbers of audience will enter several times a day, to explore an installation created of plastic & an immersive sound design and find performers at the centre of the plastic maze. They will have an intimate one-on-one experience with a performer through the plastic embrace, who will tell them a short monologue while embracing them through the plastic.

We are excited to be able to offer audiences a live experience, at a time when live performance is restricted. While the project has been inspired by the deprivation of human contact enforced on many by the current global pandemic, this has led to a broader exploration of the power of physical human contact in our lives, beyond the current situation. We are excited about the potential to explore this vital aspect of the human condition; our desire to be physically close to each other and the impact on us when this is restricted.

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