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Skin Hunger

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“He’s speaking into my ear and I can feel his chest rising and falling against me. This hug is long, gentle, intimate and alien”
“a reminder of theatre’s ability to provoke deep, intimate connections between audience and performer”
“The production plays with the illusion of intimacy, the encounters simultaneously tender and jarringly artificial”
“An exhilarating, intelligent production”

“If you wanted to hold me. If you wanted to hold me. Hold me and tell me it’s okay”

Skin Hunger is about the power of touch - a vital aspect of humanity that so many of us didn’t realise we needed until it was restricted.

Daphna Attias directed three compelling monologues written by Ann Akinjirin, Tim Crouch and Sonia Hughes which explored the fundamental role that touch plays in our lives, with refreshing humour and insight.

Skin Hunger was a powerful live theatre experience set in a hidden chapel in London’s West End reflecting on intimacy and connection, after so many of us have been starved of human contact.

OFFIES WINNER 2022: IDEA Performance 

A full archive recording of the production is available to stream now. It is Pay What You Decide, meaning you can chose to pay £5 - £20 to watch the show. Watch here. 

A new beautifully produced Skin Hunger Book is also available now, read more here, or buy direct from the publisher now.

Skin Hunger is presented in partnership with Stone Nest and is funded by Arts Council England.

Stone Nest Arts Council England