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Participation Projects

Working with a range of communities fuels our artistic practice
We encourage people from all walks of life to engage
We work in areas with low arts provision offering participants new skills and experiences

Participation is at the heart of our practice; we create opportunities for a wide range of communities to get involved in the creation and delivery of our productions and lead on bespoke commissioned projects targeted at teenagers, students, older people and many more…..

By interrogating social issues and directly involving those with lived experience we open up imaginations and debate, encouraging people from all walks of life to engage, and directly feed the creative process with authentic voices. Working in areas with low arts provision with multiple partners, participants gain new skills and experiences. Our community partners then foster ongoing long-term local arts engagement.

If you're interested in hearing more about our work with communities then get in touch with Lucy, our Participation Producer.

If you work at university and are interested in having Dante or Die artists work with your students, here is a list of current workshop and mentoring opportunities.

At Will Adams Centre in Gillingham, Medway, we spent six months co-creating a new audio-visual work titled Morpheus. Commisioned by Theatre 31 & Ideas Test, it was led by brilliant freelance associates James Baldwin and Marie Horner. You can experience the digital journey here.

An original, interactive digital map, co-created by the young people of Will Adams Centre and Dante or Die 

Morpheus saw Ideas Test curate a term long programme, taking place and engaging young people at Will Adams Centre in Medway, a local alternative provision school.

Ideas Test approached Dante or Die to lead on this project. that celebrates young people at the core, empowering participants, and staff at the school to embrace a creative journey, co-creating a spectacular piece of digital theatre.

Devised through weekly sessions and held completely online in a specially devised virtual creative space, young artists have built characters and narratives that make up the dream-like world of Morpheus. Audiences are taken on an online journey through the interactive map, where they can expect to be treated to a compete digital experience, along with visual and aural soundscapes, spoken word, and film!

In co-collaboration, with the guidance and support of Dante or Die’s practitioners Marie Horner and James Baldwin, the team of young artists explored local stories and personal experiences entwined with in depth characterisation and thrilling narratives, that make up this unique digital experience. The production’s title, social media campaign and all artwork has been made in co-creation, celebrating the creativity and self-expression of our young people as part of this project.

‘We’ve learnt how to be more confident. How to stand up for ourselves. How to put ourselves out there when we didn’t think we could. Seeing how stuff has grown through being planned. Now we can plan stuff a lot easier and perform stuff a lot easier with what we have done in the Morpheus project.’
Shane, Young Artist, Will Adams Centre, co-creator Morpheus

“I’ve always wanted to be creative but I just haven’t had the confidence to do it. With this project that Tammy and everyone has put together, it’s made us a lot more confident”.
Demi, Young Artist, Will Adams Centre, co-creator Morpheus

‘It has been a joy to see the students exploring different thoughts, feelings and emotions which they may not always get the opportunity to do in this current climate.’
Tammy Rodden, Art and Design Lead, Will Adams Centre

‘Working on this project has been a real highlight over the last couple of months. Seeing how the young people have been creating really unique characters and stories has been an absolute inspiration.'
Terry O’Donovan, co-founder Dante or Die, co-creator Morpheus