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 ★★★★ "Odds On is an exemplar of the way online theatre has developed in the past few years..... The animations and haunting soundtrack ... have a naive kind of power and the film’s final, beautiful aerial shot of sea waves and open skies gives us hope.... while leaving the story open-ended." - The Guardian

  ★★★★ "A stunningly clever hybrid of intimate drama, film and gameplay" - Everything Theatre


WINNER - Digital Content Award - Arts Council England's Digital Culture Awards

WINNER - Best Interactive Film - Wales International Media Festival

WINNER - Best Experimental Film - Gully International Film Festival

WINNER - Best Directors (Daphna Attias & Terry O'Donovan) - Scenesaver Birthday Honours Awards

NOMINATED - Digital Project of the Year - The Stage Awards 2023

HONORABLE MENTION - Munich New Wave Short Film Festival

Odds On is best experienced on a laptop or desktop.
It will be a smoother experience if you're on wi-fi.

Content Warning: This film contains gambling (live play, images, sounds & slot simulation) which may be very triggering to people with a gambling addiction or who are in recovery. A full support pack for anyone who may be affected by the issues raised is available here
If slot machine simulation will be triggering to you, please contact us on admin@danteordie.com and we will send you a non-interactive version of Odds On.

Odds On is our first ever interactive short film and continues our experiments in digital storytelling.

Log in to Pearls of Fortune, the online slots game that’s caught us all in its net, give yourself a fun name, pick an adorable avatar, and plunge beneath the waves for a few spins. Odds On takes you deep down into the world of online gambling; from that first win, all the way behind the screen to give a game’s-eye view of how your fellow players are really doing. Follow Felicity, a valued customer, and peer beneath the murky depths to see how a cheeky spin can spiral out of control.

Running Time: 40 minutes
Access: Embedded Captioning and Optional Audio Description
Age Guidance: 14+

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Creative Advisory Group

The Odds On creative team have worked in close consultation with the Odds On Lived Experience Creative Advisory Group over 9 months to create Odds On.

Facilitated by Fiona Watson, the Odds On Lived Experience Creative Advisory Group is a national group of adults with experience of gambling harm who met monthly and provided feedback throughout the development of the Odds On story and script. Supported by Wellbeing Supervisor Julia Hall.

We would like to thank all the participants for their invaluable contributions to the project.

The Lived Experience Creative Advisory Group is made up of Nadine Ashworth, Owen Baily, Nicola Jaques, Ryan Pitcher, Jade Vallis

This short film is a reflection on a series of creative workshops that we led, and residents of several Gordon Moody Centres for people affected by gambling harm. All participants watched Odds On as a starting point for discussions and creative tasks. This film was made using the participants own words and is inspired by their openness and creativity as they reflected on their journey towards recovery. The film contains reflections of peoples lived experience of gambling harm which may be triggering to people with a gambling addiction or those who are in recovery. A full support pack for anyone who may be affected by the issues raised is available here.

A Dante or Die film

Directed John Walsh Brannoch & Lee Greenaway

Illustrated by Lee Greenaway

Animated by John Walsh Brannoch

Dante or Die workshop facilitators: John Brannoch Fiona Watson Molly De-Dios-Fisher

Produced by Dante or Die Theatre

Participation Producer - Lucy Dear

Producer - Katherine Webb

Co - Artistic Directors  - Daphna Attias and Terry O’Donovan

With thanks to Peer Advisory Group - Selina Busby, Wendy Knight, Stephen Sharman, Matt Steinberg

Wellbeing Support - Julia Hall Project

Evaluator - Cathy Sloan

Training Consultant - Nadine Ashworth

Thank you to David Hollingsworth and Gordon Moody staff and volunteers, and of course all the participants for their involvement in the project

Odds On with Gordon Mooday was funded by Awards for All and Arts Council England

By Dante or Die
Writers & Directors: Daphna Attias & Terry O'Donovan
Animation Director & Editor: John Brannoch

Fiona Watson
Joel: Maynard Eziashi
Adrian: Elan James
Lana: Bianca Stephens
Noah: Oshy Fuller
Nurse: Terry O’Donovan

Composers: Yaniv Fridel & Ofer (OJ) Shabi
Sound Design & Additional Music: Ben Kelly
Director of Photography: Christopher Jeffers
Production & Costume Designer: Kat Heath

Dramaturgy: Tim Crouch
Script Consultancy: Lisa Goldman
Web Development: Sebastien Dehesdin

Senior Producer: Sophie Ignatieff
Participation Producer: Lucy Dear
Assistant Producer: Caitlin Evans
Lived Experience Creative Advisory Group Facilitator: Fiona Watson

Location Sound Recordists: Manon Vigouroux & Lisala Dolo
Sound Mixing: Julian Blanco at Soho Sonic Studios
Vocalist: Jemima Housden
Recorded & Mixed at Soho Sonic Studios

Lived Experience Creative Advisory Group:
Nadine Ashworth, Owen Baily, Nicola Jaques, Ryan Pitcher, Jade Vallis

Access Development: Emily Howlett
Audio Description: Louise Fryer

Marketing Manager: Vic Shead
PR Consultant: Cliona Roberts
Promotional Images: Studio 27 Eleven & Justin Jones Photography

Commissioned as part of LIVE NOW - The Lowry's digital commissioning programme - & by Lighthouse Poole and funded by Arts Council England. R&D supported by Farnham Maltings New Popular commission, Ideas Test & South Street Reading, and through public funding from Garfield Weston Foundation, Awards for All, The Rayne Foundation & Arts Council England.

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