Skin Hunger On Film

Skin Hunger on Film is a collaboration between Dante or Die and award-winning film-maker Pinny Grylls. 

The short documentary follows three audience members for whom touch is a key part of their lives: a dementia care worker, an ex-prisoner and a neuroscientist who specialises in touch. The film follows t​heir journey as they interact with and respond to, our recent sold-out performance installation, Skin Hunger, about the power of touch. The documentary explores this vital aspect of humanity that so many of us didn’t realise we needed until it was restricted. Read more about the documentary here. 

Skin Hunger on Film is accompanied by a Pay What You Decide full archive film of the live production of Skin Hunger. WATCH NOW.

You can also purchase Skin Hunger: The Book to read the scripts from the production, with reflections from the creative team. Buy the book here.