Odds On: Watch Now!

Our first interactive short film is available to stream for free now! ★★★★ "Odds On is an exemplar of the way online theatre has developed in the past few years." - The Guardian


For the best viewing experience we recommend watching Odds On on a computer connected to WiFi.

CONTENT WARNING This film contains gambling (live play, images, sounds & slot simulation) which may be very triggering to people with a gambling addiction or who are in recovery. A support pack which will follow the film will provide access to support organisations and further information. If slot machine simulation will be triggering to you, please contact us on admin@danteordie.com and we will send you a non-interactive version. 

Starting at The Lowry in July, Odds On will have a national digital tour until the end of 2022. It will be available during the tour to watch online for free, exclusively via each host venue's website.

Digital Tour

  • Tuesday 5 to Tuesday 19 July 2022: The Lowry, Salford
  • Wednesday 20 to Wednesday 27 July: Lighthouse Poole
  • Monday 1 to Sunday 7 August: Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester
  • Friday 19 August to Sunday 28 August: Ideas Test, Kent
  • Monday 5 to Sunday 11 September: South Street, Reading
  • Monday 19 to Monday 26 September: Traverse Theatre
  • Monday 3 to Monday 10 October: Mansfield Old Library
  • Monday 17 to Monday 24 October: Unity Theatre, Liverpool
  • Tues 25 October to Tues 1 November: Norwich Theatre Royal
  • Mon 14 November to Mon 21 November: An Tobar & Mull Theatre
  • Wed 23 November to Tues 6 December: Wales Millennium Centre

Read more about Odds On here. 

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