Dante or Die: I DO


A site-specific jigsaw puzzle through 6 hotel rooms just before the deed is done…
Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in the build up to a wedding?

The ceremony begins in ten minutes. The Best Man is practicing his speech. The Bridesmaids are squeezing the bride into her dress. Mum and Dad are seeing each other for the first time in years. Grandma is struggling to dress her husband whilst the bride’s brother is getting frisky with the maid of honour. Meanwhile, the Groom is frozen…

Don your button-hole, down a glass of bubbly and join Dante or Die’s twelve-strong cast to voyeuristically peek into the lives of a wedding party as the big moment looms nearer. Divided into six groups, you will discover the twists and turn in the plot in a different order, seeing the same ten minutes replayed in each of the rooms, where you will experience that moment in time from each character’s point of view.

The production has been generously supported by a variety of hotel partners incluing Hilton Islington, Hilton Docklands, Malmaison Reading and The Savoy Hotel, Limerick.

I Do trailer
  • Created by: Daphna Attias & Terry O’Donovan
  • Director: Daphna Attias
  • Producer: Kirsten Burrows
  • Costume Designer: Jenny Hayton
  • Writing: Chloe Moss
  • Stage Manager: Felix Dunning/Nicola Hill
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Elliot Hall
  • Design Assistant: Denisa Dumitrescu
  • Press & PR: Cliona Roberts
  • Photographs: Ludovic Des Cognets (Hilton Islington), Neil Buchan Grant (Malmaison Reading)
  • Marketing Design & Video editing: Justin Jones
  • Cast at the Almeida Festival & Hilton Docklands performances: Andrew Bridgemont, Anna Carteret, Rachel Drazek, Christopher Dunham, Sarah Hunt, Zoe Hunter, Penelope McGhie, Nieve Morrisson, Terry O'Donovan, Christopher Reynolds, Anna Richmond, Ella Havas, Jessica, Katie.
  • Cast at the Sitelines Festival performances: Anna Carteret, Rachel Drazek, Christopher Dunham, Sarah Hunt, Denver Isaacs, Penelope McGhie, Nieve Morrisson, Terry O'Donovan, William Oxborrow, Roisin Rae, Christopher Reynolds, Anna Richmond, Ella Havas.
  • Thank you to all the performers who helped us to develop the piece: Robert Cook, Chris Dunham, Clare Dunn, Tas Emiabata, Emma MacLennon, Pia Nordin, Diane Parker, Chris Reynolds, Anna Richmond, Clara Solana, Ayse Tashkiran, Lib Taylor, Angie Wallis.
  • Co-commissioned by Almeida Festival 2013 & Southstreet, Reading.
  • With support from Hilton Hotel Islington, Reading Malmaison, University of Reading Film, Theatre & Television Dept and generously funded by Arts Council England and Unity Theatre Trust.
  • Generously funded by Arts Council England and Unity Theatre Trust.

★★★★ Finanical Times, Evening Standard, Time Out (Critic's Choice), The Public Reviews, What's On Stage

★★★★★ Reading Post, Hampshire Daily Echo, Exeunt

“a meticulously crafted site-specific play...a clever, funny, touching and satisfying show” Evening Standard

“it is just a phenomenal way to present theatre… Dante or Die is a revolutionary company” A Younger Theatre